Imagine a space for self-designed learning...

Imagine a space where children have freedom to pursue and develop their interests everyday without compulsory textbooks, exams, or marks…where they collaborate with each other and creatively undertake practical experiments…where they initiate real world projects and interact with diverse people around the city…where they are provided exposure and guidance into new and different ways of living holistically!

Did you know: 42% of Delhi school students still fail class 9.

40% of these students drop out in class 9. 

What if we tried unschooling

in a government school?

"The children and families who go to government schools in India are being cheated every day, every second of their lives by the system. The government projects that there will be more than 180 million unemployed youths in the next 20 years. On top of that, millions are constantly being told that they are useless and worthless failures. The time has come for this to stop. We need to  re-value the talents and intelligences of 'the margins', put creativity at the centre of education and change the fundamental design of school to a more learner-driven model." 

        - Manish Jain, Shikshantar

what if we Started with asking the learner what s/he wants to learn?

The Creativity Adda is intended for students from classes 6th-12th in the Mukherjee Nagar area. It is also open for those students who have left formal schooling. There are no fees to join. 

Come take a peek into the magic of the Creativity Adda @Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi

Visiting hours: 2pm-6pm, Monday-Saturday

Creativity Adda is a project of Shikshantar Sansthan and the Sarvodaya Vidyalaya  Mukherjee Nagar.

It is supported by

Sh. Kuldeep Singh (Principal),

Manish Jain,

Pankaj Pushkar (ex-mla ),

Ashish Tiwari,

Dharampal Satyapal Group.