White Noise on Black Background

"I would develop in the child his hands, his brain, and his soul. The hands have almost atrophied. The soul has altogether been ignored."     

- Mahatma Gandhi on the need for

Nai Taleem



To build a creativity and happiness-driven self-designed learning model for the holistic development of government school children.

What if we were to put creativity at the

center of education? 


to ignite the inner motivation/self-initiative, socio-emotional well-being,                               creativity, self-discipline, self-confidence, curiosity, and leadership of the students;
to provide a platform for students to build practical skills, social entrepreneurship and volunteerism attitudes and values, and networks for the real world
to strengthen the relationship with the larger eco-system of learning resources and opportunities in Delhi.

Core values of learning


experiments in democratic education

We need to practice democracy everyday to build democracy. ​The Student Council consists of 10 elected students who meet regularly to take important decisions concerning their hubs. 
  • To give children opportunities to express their views, listen deeply, speak up for themselves and make decisions concerning the development of the Adda.
  • To create a practice ground for students to develop responsibility and leadership.
  • To support students in learning how to budget and spend money - distinguish between needs and wants, individual vs. collective good.
  • To develop event planning and organizational skills.

Student Council

view of smc members/parents