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Around 80-100 students from classes 6-12th come to the Adda daily. They are free to explore their creativity and passions in different learning hubs with the support of youth facilitators.  There are no fees for joining any of our programs.





Our Learning Hubs

Community Media Academy

The Slow Food Junior Chef’s Academy
Design lab/Makerspace

Sports and Fitness Academy

Arts, Music and Dance Studio

Special Resource Persons


Creativity Adda also invites several professionals as a resource persons from time-to-time to engage with the learners and offer them deeper exposure in areas like cooking, filmmaking, dance, ultimate frisbee, candle-making, toy-making, mime theatre, animation, roller-skating, building a drone, storytelling, graffiti wall painting, etc.

Exposure Visits


Exposure visits and learning journeys are a very integral part of our learning approach where children get more hands-on experience, see the practical use of knowledge, travel, meet inspiring people, care for each other and many more things.


Students have visited places (local and out station) like nature reserves, skating rinks, art gallerys, 5-star restaurants, organic farms, rural villages, theatre and music shows. They have also attended international conferences such as LSUC, IDec, etc. 

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